Monday, April 6, 2009

Opes and Stedman Still Make Out

If you're wondering why you're with your particular mate, the answer was on Friday's Oprah: your body chemistry and the fact you couldn't do any better.  Something about how symmetrical you are and people tend to marry within a couple points of their own good looks. UNLESS copious amounts of money is involved. In which case women will gladly give up a few points in the looks department for a few points in the wallet department. SHOCKER. It was all rather depressing in that we are just a bunch of cells biologically programmed to reproduce with a mate who will pass on our genes and bring food back to the cave.  A few highlights:
  • You should kiss your mate every day for at least 10 seconds.  Not a peck, a real kiss. They asked the audience who had incurred such a kiss that week and only a third of the women raised their hands. Then the sex expert turns to Oprah and says, "Well, have you?"  HA! Apparently Opes and Stedman played tonsil hockey this week with a 29-1/2- second kiss. TMI.
  • Most people aim too high, wanting good looking  mates when they themselves look like roadkill. In other words, get a mirror, people.  
  • Men are attracted to women with high voices. Which hasn't seemed to stop Demi Moore.
I forget how Opes looked... I was too intrigued by the fact her and Stedman make out a lot to analyze her hair and wardrobe.  


  1. Or Miley Cyrus. She doesn't have a high voice either.

  2. Oprah and Stedman snogged for almost 30 seconds. wow.

  3. EW. Just EW. I have to do something to eliminate the Oprah/Stedman visual stuck in my brain...