Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Candy Spelling Rots

The View comes on right after Oprah in these parts, and so I had the unfortunate experience of witnessing self-described "trophy wife" Candy Spelling. Good Lord, if she's the trophy what does second prize look like? She was on promoting her book Stories from Candyland.  Is nothing sacred that she must affiliate this abomination with an adored children's game?  Babs (who is slowly going senile) said she "loved the title."  Other than Babs (who probably shares the same plastic surgeon) the gals were downright chilly to Candy at best.  She says she doesn't know why Tori isn't speaking to her.  Hint: when you tell people on national television your daughter stages paparazzi photos, she might be sore with you.  

I've never been a Tori Spelling fan, but after seeing this it's no wonder the girl isn't a serial murderer.  Tori, nobody would blame you if you started now. First victim: a former trophy wife trying to unload a $150 million home.

When questioned about her collection of knickknacks, Candy said "Call me crazy."  Well, okay, if you insist.  It will save me the creative energy of calling you a lot worse.


  1. Gah!!! I am going to have nightmares about that picture!!

  2. I have a friend who worked for her and I heard some interesting things about Candy...lets just say I'm firmly on Tori's side.

  3. Seriously, you've gotta love Tori Spelling now that you know what a crazy cooze her mom is. I read her books and she actually seems cool and amusing considering what's she's had to deal with. Sorry I haven't been commenting as much. I've been busy STARTING OUR NEW BLOG!