Monday, April 13, 2009

Dads Do Oprah, Oprah Likes Dogs

Never let it be said Oprah didn't give equal billing to dads. After last week's episode featuring real moms, she takes a decidedly more serious approach this week with dads.  And it made me feel like a real loser. I have two kids and a helpful (don't tell him I said that) spouse. One father on today has NINE kids, a full-time job, no help and his wife passed away.  Sheesh.  I'd like to make fun of someone on the show but unfortunately I can't.  Well, except Oprah. Curly, lady, I said curly!  

Oh, and if you missed the show where she previewed the "spring photo shoot" of her dog (does she do a shoot every season one wonders?) you can see the photos here. I'd like to be reincarnated as one of Oprah's dogs.  Perhaps it's a good thing this gal doesn't have kids. Can you imagine?  

Big news: Tomorrow's Opes features country singers.  I love country! Conspicuously absent from the lineup is Chuck Wicks... But I do love Kenny Chesney (not in that way) and I'm hoping Opes gets to the bottom of the Renee Zellwegger debacle.  In a recent issue of US Weekly Kenny said: "I've never had a woman say she wouldn't have sex with me because I'm bald."  Is it possible she just didn't have sex but didn't give him a reason and it was really because he was bald?  Or better yet, has a woman just said: "I'm having sex with you even though you're bald because you are worth gazillions of dollars?" Regardless, I do love Kenny and I don't think he'd mind me poking fun at him a little...


  1. Wow. I have to stop occasionally and remind myself that not everyone wants to hear every detail of the delicious cuteness that is my kids (thank you, internet, for giving me a place to talk about them where I can't see people's eyes actually glazing over). But Oprah's dog photo shoot? Unless that dog can talk and possibly do open heart surgery, one picture is about enough--without the baby blankets and tulle. I would hate to be the photographer responsible for making Oprah happy with her puppy photos!

  2. oh my gosh, those dogs are the cutest.

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