Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Big Ass Stud Goes Home

You know those people who back in the day said if Bush won the presidency they were moving out of the country?  But then never followed through? Well, I'm taking it one step further. On a much more important issue. If Chuck Wicks is voted off Dancing With the Stars, I'm moving.  Not sure where. But somewhere people appreciate the beauty of Chuck Wicks.  Maybe I can start my own territory where we do nothing but listen to Chuck Wicks music, wear tv shirts adorned with his face and the only words allowed will be "Chuck" and "Wicks."

So Lawrence Taylor was given the boot last night.  I liked Lawrence and his big diamond stud. Boo, America.  But I'm not leaving the country over it. So we have left:   Ty Murray (Nice guy!), Gilles Marini (Bonjour!) Shawn Johnson (Boring as dirt!), L'il Kim (Dirty!), Melissa Rycroft (BAHHHAHHAAA Jason!) and last but my goodness gracious not least Chuck Wicks (Yummy!).

Okay, so then ABC pulls some crap where pro dance wannabes tried out for slots for next season.  Umm, ABC, audition dancers ON YOUR OWN TIME. If you have excess time to fill, just aim the camera at Chuck Wicks and we'll all be happy.

PS -- I know I should have put a pic of Lawrence to accompany this entry but it seems a crime not to post as many pictures of Chuck Wicks as humanly possible.  No offense, Lawrence. You're cute too!

PSS -- How much does that Samantha chick make per show?  I think they should can her and give her salary to Chuck Wicks. A bonus, if you will, for looking so hot and classing up the joint. Although I fear if Samantha loses her job she won't have money to eat.  She'll be dead in a day. Her hair extensions weigh more than the rest of her.


  1. I have no insights into Dancing With The Stars, other than agreeing that Chuck Wicks is mighty pleasant to look at. But as I was staring blankly at the computer, trying to remember what I was doing, I realized that you posted this at 5:27 AM. Are LuLu and Moxley up that early, or are your readers just that important to you?

    Either way, I hope you manage a nap!

  2. Didn't that Samantha chick go back to work like a day after having her baby?

  3. yes, she did. Maybe it was a week.
    She bugs

  4. Samantha was afraid Drew Lachay would snatch her J-O-B. SO, she popped out the kiddo and headed back to work! Hell, if I got paid boo-koo bucks to swing my hair back and forth and look pretty in front of the camera, I'd do it too!