Thursday, March 12, 2009

Marriages and Breakups

So apparently Mandy Moore married Ryan Adams in a "super secret ceremony." Read here: Nobody gives a shit. It wasn't so much a secret as the tabloids didn't care enough to do a stake out. Now at least perhaps he'll start feeling her up only in private. And was the picture on the right his engagement announcement photo? What a card!

What does this character even sing? If I attended one of his concerts, I'd catch on by about the third song that it wasn't Bryan Adams and be extremely upset I didn't get to hear "This Time," the world's best Bryan Adams song ever.  Unless of course Ryan Adams actually sings Bryan Adams songs. Which if he doesn't perhaps he should. Because then maybe I would have heard of him.

Uncharacteristically, I don't have anything bad to say about Mandy. She did a stint on Entourage playing herself and I actually didn't want to kill her. That's saying a lot. So I give this union two years, tops. Mandy will only be 26 by then and will recover nicely and marry someone who doesn't think orange hair equals anti-establishment.

Okay, and did John Mayer really break up with Jennifer Aniston?  Dear God. I would imagine she gave him the George Costanza line:  "YOU are breaking up with ME???" Jen needs to go on an "Eat, Pray, Love" journey. She can try to figure out why she sucks while in full priya yoga pose at some ashram in India. Seriously.


  1. dude, you're killin' me. thanx as usual :P

  2. Right on about John Mayer/Jennifer Aniston.

  3. You need to get on Twitter...I need more!!

  4. Hello... you're very entertaining! LOL

  5. Mandy Moore is one of those people who shouldn't be a celebrity. Not that I have anything that I don't particularly like. Its just that she is not crazy enough.

    Jennifer Aniston has never recovered from her career on Friends. She was a lousy actress then and her divorce from Brad Pitt only made her worth less than before. Its kind of sad.