Saturday, March 28, 2009

F#@$ Tinkerbell!

Remember my obsession with finding those hideous purple Tinkerbell chairs?  If not, you clearly aren't writing down everything I say that is important. And please note that everything I say is important. Regardless, I can only give up so much for my children. And my eyesight isn't one of them.  Plopped right in the middle of our living room, these chairs were an assault on the senses.  We have an "open floor plan" (they use that term on House Hunters a lot) which means it was hard to escape the purple-ness of it all.  I'd be in the kitchen while the girls were napping and feel someone staring at me.  Two someones actually.  Both Tinkerbell.  Maybe I would have felt differently if I bought the Dora version.  Dora doesn't seem like the judgmental type who'd be making a mental note of how many doughnuts I ate that day.

Please note the replacement chairs above. The girls keep pointing to the back of the chairs as if to say, "Where is our fair-haired friend with the wings, Mommy?" In hell, girls. Although I think Tinkerbell was around long enough to influence one of them... What's with the pose of the twin on the left?  She looks like she should have a martini in her hand and is trying out for the cover of Maxim.  


  1. god you have some cute girls!

  2. You know, I think that she is shooting for the cover of Maxim. But, if she continues to show that much leg, it may be time for her to aim higher and go for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition!

    In all seriousness, I am glad you found some chairs that they like as much as the Tinkerbell ones sans Fairy Harlot.

  3. I love these little red chairs! We have a similar one in beige in our family room... I love it, aren't they just so cute, these little small chairs? ;) Way better then Tinker-bell,too! Did you buy them from PBK? Your daughter is quite the poser! ;) Very cute, very cute.

  4. Indeed a sexy pose in a very adorable replacement chair!