Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Go-Go Goes Home

Former Go-Go and present cosmetic surgery fan Belinda Carlisle was the first to be sent home on Dancing With the Stars. Despite her unfortunate overuse of facial fillers (she's starting to look oddly like Priscilla Presley) this made me sad. Do the judges -- and America for that matter -- have no nostalgia for the '80s?  I've always said my favorite Go-Gos song was "Eternal Flame." But then I found out that was the Bangles, not the Go-Gos.  I guess they were sort of similar in that they both had attractive lead singers albeit one who needed to eat a cheeseburger and one who ate too many. Speaking of which, Belinda is the new spokesperson for NutriSystem.

She's also an avid Buddhist who no longer drinks or does drugs.  I would think Buddhists would be into fresh organic food, not freeze dried meat that has a shelf life of over a century.  Also, my guess is booze and narcotics are actually better for you than NutriSystem food anyway. Regardless, I'm glad Steve Wozniak and his pink boa, also on last night's chopping block, weren't sent home. I think it should have been Steve-O but since I didn't vote I have no right to complain. Although that never stopped me before.

If I were the ABC President of Reality TV I'd just have it be Dancing With Chuck Wicks and get rid of all the other idiots anyway.  In an unprecedented move since I first saw the movie Layer Cake, I may boot Daniel Craig out of my number one spot. This is a difficult decision and I hope you'll respect my privacy as I sort through my feelings.


  1. I TOTALLY thought Belinda was Priscilla Presley! I was fast forwarding through pretty much everything and thought, "WTF, wasn't she on another season?" And then I sadly realized it was Belinda Carsile and had a moment of silence for her.

  2. Haha, oh you're so bang on! Belinda totally looks eerily like Priscilla Presley! And who was the guy who was in the bottom two with her? Is that wrong, to say 'the bottom two'? Isn't that from AI?

  3. When I saw that picture, I said to myself, "Self, when did Priscilla Presley join DWTS? And what is up with her face?" Knowing it is Belinda, yikes.

  4. You totally nailed it! She looks JUST like Priscilla! I have a nasty and inappropriate crush on Steve O. Pray for me. In a manner most unlike Buddhists willing to eat jerky...

    you are freakin' hysterical!