Tuesday, March 24, 2009

David Letterman Marries Long-Suffering Girlfriend; Has Hot Nanny

If you'd sit around waiting for someone to marry you for TWENTY-THREE YEARS (I wonder what Steve Harvey would say about THAT), then why tempt the man with a hot nanny, one wonders?  (Wife in photo on right; nanny in photo on left. Don't make me state the obvious. I don't like to be a mean person except to my husband.)

This must have been Old Guys Settle Down Week: Letterman and Bruce Willis got married while Harrison Ford got engaged.  Calista is rather patient too.  Her and Harrison have been dating for seven years. I'd gladly have waited 23 years for Hans Solo. Sigh.  But then I'd hire a nanny who looked like Kathy Griffin before all the work.


  1. I would never hire a nanny that weighed less than 200 pounds.

  2. I would have a male nanny.. Takes out all the guess work. If he cheats on me with the nanny, I will no that I could never compete and should just let it go.

  3. Great idea: Male nanny. Oh wait, I AM the nanny, chef, chauffeur, etc.