Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Denise Sent Packin'!

Ask and you shall receive. I feel almost spiritual.  Bruno actually gave Denise the best compliment she's received in years: "Denise, you are an actress." Bruno, you are too kind! Last time I checked, she was a best-friend-husband-stealing reality show failure.  Good riddance.  I say that, but I actually felt a little bad for her. Sigh. It's complicated.  

I'm in a cold war with my TIVO. Apparently, it can't tell the difference between a presidential address and Dancing with the Stars. (OMG!  Good idea!  What if Obama gives his next press conference while dancing with Michelle live on the show!)  So I missed Hall & Oates perform, which made me almost come to tears. (I believe this is a warning sign one may need mood-stabilizing drugs.)  I am less interested in what they sang than how they are aging.

Holly and her breasts, also up for elimination last night, get to stick around for a while. BAHHHAAHAAHAAHAHAHAAHA!  (Note: I am channeling Carrie Ann. I say something not particularly witty and then laugh myself into a conniption fit.)


  1. Trust me...you would have cried harder had you seen Hall and Oates. Suckage!!

  2. Fight the power! Don't let the TIVO win!

  3. I'm sorry about the "Hall & Oats" situation.

    Still laughing over Denise being an "actress."

  4. You would have been horrified by Hall and Oats. They are a 1000 years old. It actually hurt my eye balls to look at them.

    But in other news, the 'tox has kicked in and me and the other Kizz look fantastic!!! I love not being able to show any emotion on my face whatsoever. Oh happy day.