Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Survey Says...

Chicago sucks.  According to Forbes magazine, Chicago is the third most miserable city in our United States.  Given I live in Chicago, you might think this upsets me.  Hell no!  I have been searching feverishly for a new excuse regarding my persistent and rampant bitchiness toward my husband. Given the girls are 15 months old now, the post-partum hormones thing is getting a bit stale. Especially for me.  I'm so ready to move on to a fresh new excuse I can exploit to its fullest. I was just about to settle on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) but with spring upon us in less than two months I think I'll save that one.  Maybe drudge it up in November when I can milk it all winter long.  And then this little gem courtesy of Steve Forbes and his ilk!  It's not just me that is a miserable, it's our entire city!  

On a related note, did you find Richard Dawson kind of sexy?  I loved the way he french kissed every female contestant and stroked their hands like he wanted to do it in the back room while the family patriarch played the Fast Money round.  Did your extended family used to argue about which six of you should go on? And who would appear in what order because everyone knows you went down the line from smartest to dumbest?  And did Christmas dinner end in a drunken brawl because inevitably one of the cousins ranked everyone in the room from 1 to 10 on intelligence and it rubbed some people (usually the dumb ones) the wrong way?  Or maybe that's just a New York thing.

PS -- Is there such a thing as Motherhood Affective Disorder (MAD)? The symptoms include loving your children like crazy but wanting to take a large iron skillet to your husband's head for absolutely no reason at all.  I might have that ...  


  1. Oh, I think you're onto something there. MAD. Love it. I was also thinking of forming a support group, POT. Parents of Toddlers. Get it? POT for MAD's. It would be a perfect union.

    P.S. Thanks for loving my video. I feel so validated now! You rock!

  2. What was it about Richard Dawson?! I was always appalled by him but somehow he's got that underlying something about him.

    I need to remember all these POTs and MADs for when I have kids...taking notes!

  3. :) thanx for keeping us all snickering

  4. Can we switch Toddlers to Teens? Or can we change it to POTT for Parents of Toddlers and Teens? Because really, it amounts to the same thing. Only teens have a larger vocabulary and can usually say NO!! in 800 different ways.

    Good luck with your MADs.