Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Christian Bale is Nice

When not assaulting the woman who gave birth to him, Christian Bale is apparently terrorizing cameramen on film sets.  (I hope it wasn't Danny Moder. I don't see Julia Roberts putting up with that sh--.)   Bale was infuriated when aforementioned cameraman stepped into his line of sight while filming the next Terminator movie.  It apparently distracted his concentration.  Dude, you're filming The Terminator.   If Arnold can do it, how much concentration does it really take? Or maybe (and TMZ didn't think of this angle), he's just staying in character on set like fine artistes are known to do.  Maybe it wasn't Christian yelling profanity-laced bloody murder after all, but his character.  

Regardless, does Christian not think about how his behavior impacts other people?  Like me. Now I'm stuck with the gut-wrenching decision of whether to toss him out of my top 5.  He's barely hanging in there at #5 as it is... But then I'd have to sit down and figure out who will take his spot.  (Does Christian not understand the fact I have twins and don't have a lot of time to sit around replacing him on my list when he acts like this????)  You know what, look at this picture of him... Does this look like a man who would needlessly berate an innocent and hard-working crew member? Christian, I forgive you!  I may even bump you up to #4 based on this photo alone...

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  1. ideas for #5:

    David Boreanz, Vince Vaughn, and my personal #1 Clive Owen :sigh: