Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oprah and Gwyneth Boozed It Up This Morning

Gwyneth Paltrow was on Oprah today.  Doesn't she bug the crap out of you?  I bet if she went to dinner with you and you wanted so split a big plate of fries she wouldn't.  Even if it came in one of those tall fancy cylinders lined with parchment paper and the menu listed them as pommes frites. (Don't you feel like you're consuming less calories when they're called pommes frites instead of fries?)  She was drinking wine before noon, though. And that certainly adds some points.  (Ever notice Oprah drinks sometimes during cooking-related segments? If I'm in the audience, I'm pissed they're not passing it around to everyone. I think she can afford it.) Another positive (I'm working on my karma) is Gwyneth is no longer channeling Rapunzel and has cut her hair to a reasonable length.  

I remember soon after she got engaged to Brad Pitt she was on Jay Leno or one of those shows and was blathering on and showing off the ring. She had the giddy, schoolgirl glow of someone who was about to marry the world's hottest man. Or so she thought. I specifically remember thinking, "You better tone it down there a notch, sister. NOT going to happen."  

Now for my favorite Gwyneth Paltrow quote:

"I just do things I think will be interesting and that have integrity. I hate those tacky, pointless, big, fluffy, unimportant movies." -- Gwyneth Paltrow

She must be talking about Duets with HUEY LEWIS (??!!) and Shallow Hal in which she wore a fat suit and was romanced by Jack Black. 

Famous people should never grant interviews. Ever.  


  1. But it's entertaining to watch, isn't it? ;)

  2. GP is probably one of my most hated celebs.

    When the movie Seven came out, my BFF and I got looks in the theatre because we both whispered "YES!" at the end.

  3. But if famous people didn't give interviews, how would I be able to know how wonderful I am by comparison!

  4. thank god for you and your wicked humor - i really need it after a sleepless night of hourly wakings by my teething baby.

    btw~ i massaged GP at a spa in LA I worked at ~ she was in town for the oscars. she was actually incredibly real, normal, sweet, humble, and naturally pretty. it was a good experience all the way around.

  5. Rachel -- Only incredibly negative comments about famous people will be tolerated on this blog! I kid... Yikes, now I feel bad. Okay, because she is actually nice I will admit to loving Sliding Doors and The Perfect Murder.

    Teething... argh. Hate it.