Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Disaster Update

I really should start a children's fashion blog ... I've never gotten so many comments in my life as with the post about inappropriate toddler wear. Sheesh. Who knew? Unfortunately, that's all I've got on the baby clothes front. Maybe you people should Google to see if Rachel Zoe has a blog?

So our house is looking worse rather than better... There are currently very few ceilings or floors to speak of. I may just accept the inevitable and apply for an Alabama driver's license. If I had something cool to give away I could do one of those nifty blog contests -- I'd have you all guess on what date I will actually sleep in my own bed again and whoever is closest gets that cool item. But I don't have anything cool to give away. So that won't work. Well, guess anyway. Just for the hell of it. Maybe I can steal one of those "jon jons" or "jolly rompers" or whatever southern belles call those appalling outfits right off of an unsuspecting (and very thankful) male tot and Fed Ex that if you win the contest.

My guess is January 2, 2012.

My husband is back in Chicago, galavanting around town with friends, enjoying the sunny 70-degree weather and taking pictures of our house so as to annoy the construction crew. If you have any legal yet innovative ways to torture a spouse, I'd appreciate those as well.


  1. I have no legal ways to torture your spouse. Innovative...why, yes, but not legal.

    It seems the oddest things get the most traffic on my blog at times. I guess we just can't read folks minds, eh?

    Hope the project keeps going alone OK.

  2. I like to think of this as "putting a deposit in the bank." He was gone when disater struck, and now he gets to hang out and go to work while you bust your ass in Alabama while living with your parents. When you back move in (although that date seems a bit far out so try and do it sooner), I'd go for a nice,long girls 7-10 day vacation. I know it's not really tourturing, but I'm guessing you need a break. I think there is nothing like time alone with the kids for a dadddy reality check! My DH went away on a golf outing this summer and all hell broke loose. I am planning a spa weekend for summer 2010.

  3. I guess you must have hit a nerve with the children's clothing!

    I hope the repairs go quickly. Having recently finished major home renovations, I can identify with all the stresses. But at least in our case, we brought it on ourselves! I'll let you know if I come up with any good punishments.

  4. Oh man! You still have a good ways to go. I have no advice on the torturing of your spouse in any legal manner haha!

  5. Sorry it is taking so long for your home to be renovated. It does look worse. Can't believe your hubby is having such a wonderful time without you. Once you move home, you should withhold relations with him until he buys you something expensive, or takes you away somewhere, like Bora Bora. Take care.

  6. I punish my husband by shopping for things he would never spend money on, isn't that the traditional passive aggressive wifely thing to do?

  7. If you still have that horrid skank Tinkerbell's chairs, I think they would make a lovely "cool item" prize :)

    BTW- I have forwarded on your letter to the creator of Dora the Explorer to many mothers I know. The collective response from us has been... "You effin' rock!!!"

  8. I still don't understand exactly what happened to the house. Okay so there was water everywhere but where did it come from and how in the world was there so much that it was pouring down from the ceiling? Did you have to put everything in the house in storage? Is this covered by insurance?