Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dora for President

Dora saves lives. Literally it would seem. Why stop the branding of the pesky perky little gal with just t-shirts and dolls and yogurt? It makes perfect sense really: Dora life-saving floatation devices. As I gazed at my girls, all fastened up in a protective Dora cocoon, it dawned on me: Dora is taking over the world. Along with Ryan Seacrest.

Which make me think -- what an ideal ticket for 2012! Seacrest - Dora. Or Dora - Seacrest, depending on whether polls are indicating we are finally ready for a female president. The problem is, do they run on the Democratic or Republican ticket? Clearly, they are both very pro capitalism. So maybe Republican. But then again Dora is a minority and Seacrest is gay (albeit in a "Don't ask, don't tell" capacity) so maybe Democrat? It's a tough one. Oh, and was Dora born here? They don't seem to address her immigration status on the show. And I suppose her age could be an issue. I think you have to be at least 12 to run for president and I'm guessing Dora is 6 or 7. Regardless, they'd always have a map, a backpack and Paula Abdul's cell phone number. What more does a presidential dream team need?

PS -- Still in Alabama. Still hotter than Hades. But now we are temporarily without TIVO due to some mishap which may or may not have involved my children. WHY DO PEOPLE LIVE WITHOUT TIVO ON PURPOSE?


  1. Your girls look super cute!!

    Who will be their cabinet? Hmm, I am thinking the Imagination Movers.

  2. I'd sooner vote Bert and Ernie than I would Dora-Seacrest. She irritates the life out of me.

  3. I love the idea of an Imagination Movers cabinet! Once you start, the staffing possibilities are endless, aren't they? (Which is probably a statement of how much time I spend plopped in front of either Disney or Nickelodeon.)

    But I don't know, a bilingual, young, female president? She could go a long way! And Ryan is just omnipresent, which seems to be the criteria for a vice president. They could go all the way. And I'm totally with you on Tivo. I don't know what I did before! I hope it's back soon!