Monday, September 28, 2009

DWTS and Diabolical Twin Studies

I'm terribly upset by the Dancing with the Stars first round of cuts. Who gets rid of Macy Gray after she uses the term "popping her cherry" on network television? I mean, if that's not good tv what is? Here's the recap.

I'm too busy to post here because I'm working on the marketing strategy for when my girls are picked as the new faces of The Gap. I'm going to make Joe Simpson look like a laid-back sissy. I'm also wondering what will happen if just one is picked. It could be the best identical twin study ever done. One reaches fame and fortune by age 3, jetting off to Shiloh and Suri's birthday parties in Malibu while the other is left in the dust to attend regular old birthday parties here in Chicago at Chuck E. Cheese and such. Researches follow up in 20 years and see which one is addicted to heroin and which is a kindergarten teacher in Naperville. Fascinating.


  1. Ha! You crack me up! Thanks for giving me a laugh on a very not-so-good day!

  2. Naperville always makes me think of those awesome John Hughes movies from the 1980s. I've gone to the Gap site and voted. The girls are absolutely beautiful in their photos, and I am way looking forward to the riveting blog content this career move will supply! I'm assuming you will be attending the celeb-baby birthday parties (as a chaperone of course) and your husband will be sent to Chuck E. Cheese? Good luck!

  3. I haven't liked The Gap since they snubbed Sam back in 2002. He was the most ADORABLE baby ever, but those wizards went with some grubby little thing named "Gus."

    I mean, good luck!

  4. I just always love the photos you pick for your posts! They're at least as entertaining as the words themselves.

    I look forward to seeing what happens to the girls in a few years. Nothing as entertaining as child studies with no scruples to get in the way!