Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Movin' On Up

Call me Weezy. Because this is the view from our deluxe apartment in sky. If you don't get these references you are way too young to be reading my blog and might I suggest you listen to the Jeffersons theme song.

Insurance is kindly putting us up until our place is fixed. Estimated time: six weeks. I've always lived in the city of Chicago, but never downtown. Well, I actually lived downtown for maybe a week when I first moved to Chicago but why are you people haggling with me on the details?

This brief stay was at a disturbing place called Presidential Towers that was not remotely presidential. It was in one of those buildings where you could watch who was going in and out of the lobby on some special channel on tv so my roommates and I amused ourselves for hours that way upon returning from the bars. A prelude to my obsession with reality television I suppose. We can only hope I am entering into a similar set up. It's probably much less entertaining to see people coming to and fro in the middle of the day, however, and since I'm not up past 8:00 pm anymore my amusement might be limited.

We return from Alabama tomorrow and move into our new digs. I hate the term "new digs" by the way so please refrain from using it in my presence. I fear my children won't like the "downtown lifestyle" as realtors like to call it, thus not sleeping well at night or during nap time. (Read here impeding on my me-time.) I plan to lecture them about appreciating the sweeping views of the city and something about walking 10 miles to school in the snow. I think stories about mandatory long walks in the snow is what you tell ungrateful, cranky children who won't sleep.

PS -- We finally got a piece of the pie. (I wasn't quite done with The Jeffersons analogy. Sorry.)


  1. Great pictures. I have always wanted to go to Chicago, ever since I saw Ferris Buellers Day Off. I'm glad you are going home, even if it isn't your home. What great insurance you must have. Downtown must be so exciting. I'm sure Bama will miss you. Take care and safe travels.

  2. At least you can escape the poplin jumpers now. What a nightmare! I have twins also. They are now 7. It does get easier. We went through a similar temporary moving thing when they were 1 and a half. Uggh. Good luck! Hopefully, they'll roll with all of this and you can keep a sliver of sanity!

  3. Sweet. I wanna live there!

  4. Bad time to mention I am afraid of heights? Yeah, I would so not do well there. Still, I love the photos!

  5. So glad you're getting back to Chicago, even if it's not quite all the way home. You think the girls will complain that the view out the living room window at home doesn't quite live up to this one?

    (And I totally got the Jeffersons reference and now have the theme song stuck in my head!)

  6. I can arrive at your NEW DIGS by Tuesday am and I'd prefer that George already be working at the dry cleaner's by the time I get there. That little man bothers me. I promise that in exchange for hanging out with the most gorgeous apartment view ever, I will wear out your adorable girls by making all kinds of smudgy face and fingerprints on the glass. We might even paint the first Seacrest/Dora 2012 window sign with poster paint. And then they'll sleep. See? Happiness for everyone.