Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An Apology to All Southern Mothers Who Dress Their Kids Funny

I have never been inspired to take a photo using my phone. Phones are for talking. Phones are not for picture taking or surfing the Internet or looking up directions or checking your e-mail or having video conferences or impressing people with a ringtone that plays that dumb song "Shoulda Put a Ring On It" by Beyonce.

I wasn't even sure I knew how to do it. Do you know how many times my kids are doing adorable things at the park and I think, "What an adorable photo this would make!" But you know what? I never take that next step and whip out my phone to try to take a photo. But today, ladies and gentlemen, today I was so inspired. Because there was a two-year-old girl wearing black cowboy boots at the park here in Chicago and I realized THIS MUST BE DOCUMENTED. It makes a damn jolly roger or jolly romper or jon jon seem NORMAL. At least jolly rompers seem comfy in an airy sort of way. Have you ever gone down a slide in cowboy boots in 80-degree weather? Well, me neither, but I bet it bites.

And then I thought, what if someone from Alabama was here and saw this atrocity and went back to Alabama and blogged that all Chicago mothers dress their kids in funny cowboy boots? I wouldn't like it one bit. (It's hard to tell here, but trust me, they are full-fledged cowboy boots.)

Also, do you know how hard it is to take a photo of someone with your phone without making it look like you're taking a photo of someone with your phone? I have a whole new respect for the paparazzi. Incidentally, if I am going to become paparazzo-esque, is it legal to post photos of other people's children in a not-so-flattering manner on your blog? (I'm not asking if it's nice, I'm asking if it's legal.)

PS -- Is it that Beyonce video that got Kanye West all in a tither and up in Taylor Swift's business? Is this what best videos have come to??? Remember the days of really good videos? Sigh.

PSS - Do not expect a future apology to all mothers who dress their toddlers in cowboy boots. Not gonna happen.


  1. Well at least the pants aren't tucked into the boots. And all this time I questioned wearing boots with capris... shame on me!

    Speaking of bad shoe/attire combos... ya, Beyonce's video one for best overall video. Guess what I'm wearing to work tomorrow? My bathing suit and some high heels, baby!

    Speaking of really good videos

  2. So funny!! That poor child. Who the hell bought those in the first place?

  3. Thanks for the video link..I needed a good laugh! I had forgotten about that video..when he whips his sunglasses off..so funny. Still love that song! I just can't help it!!!

  4. You are so funny! And yes, I agree, that is just SO WRONG! Did you get a look at the mom? What was she wearing?

  5. Where do you even go to get cowboy boots for your 2-year-old? Unless she's actually going to be riding the range (is there something wrong with me that, as soon as I typed that, I got the Backyardigans song in my head?), there is simply no excuse. I believe in dressing kids like kids, not miniature versions of whoever we like to think we are.

  6. I dress my toddler in cowboy boots!

    I totally hate you now!