Friday, January 16, 2009

Push John Mayer Overboard. Please.

Take a cruise with John Mayer.    No, really, you can take a cruise with John Mayer from March 27 - 31 from LA to Cabo San Lucas.  Pack your 64-box of Crayola Crayons, ladies!  If I were to go on this cruise, Carnival would have to pay me, not the other way around (and provide earplugs). Jennifer Aniston is dating a cruise line performer. What's next, carni folk?  

In the FAQ section of the promotional website, it asks: "Will John be on board the whole time?" and the answer is, "Of course he'll be on board the whole time. Keep your eye out, you might run into him just when you least expect it!"  This gave me the shivers. Imagine going about your business, walking idly along in broad daylight when BAM!  You run smack into John Mayer, possibly causing cardiac arrest from the sheer fright of it all.

Although check out his You Tube video at the link provided. He looks, well, human.  Could I be wrong about him? It happens so seldom (my being wrong) that I rather doubt it but I'm open to the possibility.  

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