Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gap Designer Creates PJs While on Drug Binge

I love the zipper Gap sleeper pjs with feet ... but skulls and bones for infants?  Don't you get the feeling some rogue Goth designer at Gap submitted this pattern and the guys at corporate indulged in a three-martini lunch that day and approved it?  And before they knew it, some factory in China sends 300,000 pajamas with skulls and bones all over them and nobody knew quite what to do so they went with it?  The description online says: "Cozy and cool. What's not to love about the skull sleeper?"  Umm, well Gap people, I hate to point out the obvious but what's not to love is that it's covered with skulls.

This is currently selling for $22.  Look for a sale price of $9.99 soon when they realize nobody wants to dress their kids like this unless it's Halloween. (I of course don't care so will buy two when the price hits the single digits.)

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