Friday, January 9, 2009

G-Rod Quotes Poetry, Insults More Dead Poets

This time he's making Tennyson roll over in his grave and letting Rudyard Kipling rest in peace (for now).  I'd give you the quote but I hate poetry and it is completely unrelated to a man who just learned the Illinois House is voting to impeach him.  In a burst of literary inspiration, G-Rod today also said he related to Alan Stilltoe's 1958 short story called "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner."  Here's the thing: unlike the title suggests, the story isn't so much about a lonely long distance runner as it is a juvenile delinquent caught in string of petty crimes who has little hope for the future. Which leads me to believe G-Rod: a) doesn't know how to read; b) actually does know how to read and thinks nobody else does; c) is mentally challenged; d) needs a new speech writer.  

Which makes me wonder: who do I dislike more, Rod Blagojevich or Ethan Hawke?  And, while he probably will never be impeached or even convicted of a crime (unless pompous ruminating in major magazines becomes illegal), I may have to go with Ethan. See, despite the poem-quoting, literary-referencing, jogging suit -wearing bravado, I bet G-Rod knows he sucks. Ethan isn't blessed with such self-awareness. He thinks he's a cool hipster, writing edgy novels and poetry. A noir, complicated intellectual philosophizing about love and loss.  Like this gem:  

"Memory is a great thing, if you don't have to deal with the past." - Ethan Hawke


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