Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Angelina Jolie Possibly Gives Birth to Octuplets

Some lady near LA gave birth to EIGHT babies.  The mother thus far has remained anonymous. I suspect it's Angelina Jolie.  She looked like she swallowed a pea when she was eight months pregnant with twins so this picture taken the other day doesn't deter my theory.  There could be eight babies hiding under that blousey dress. (Imagine being a star and having to come up with EIGHT crazy-ass baby names at once!  You'd have to summon Lisa Bonet for a creative brainstorming session.) 

The mother and her doctors were only expecting seven babies but out popped an eighth. What' s one more at that point I guess... I practically need a prescription for (high dose) valium with twins.  This mom might want to ask for a lobotomy before she's released from the hospital.

UPDATE: Holy crap! The octuplet mom has six other kids.  It really could be Angie! Or apparently someone as bat-shit crazy as she is.

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