Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Boss Gets Botox; New Jersey Disowns Him

Bruce got Botox. Believe me, I knows it when I sees it, and Bruce Springsteen got himself poked but good.  I am nothing if not scientific in my finger-pointing of stars and their cosmetic surgery. Please see Exhibit A, picture above, pre-Botox.  A bit of crinkle never hurt a guy pushing 60. Now view the video of his inaugural performance. Nary a movement!  He got a double dose. Which is fine. For Lisa Rhinna. And, frankly, for you and me. But THE BOSS doesn't do Botox! I'm from Jersey. I know these things. Bruce was born to run, not born to freeze every facial muscle in his face.  (I have lots more cringe-worthy puns using Bruce lyrics like "Is that you baby, or just a brilliant disguise?" but I'll spare you.)

 Oh, and rumor has it Tom Cruise starting using the stuff before the Grammy's. But who cares???  He's one heartbeat or lifetime or something away from being an alien. I don't care if he sticks botulism up his arse to be honest.  

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