Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Favorite Polygamist Graces HBO With Presence

Ahhh, Bill Paxton.  Yum!  If anyone deserves to have more than one wife and get away with it, it's gotta be him. If Bill was in the market for a (somewhat aging) fourth wife, I'd give up booze and caffeine quicker than you can say, "Cut your damn hair, Nicky!" Okay, maybe just the caffeine. I suspect Margene and I would hide some cheap wine somewhere in the house and indulge when the more stuffy wives weren't looking.

Speaking of Mormons ... in real life, why is it only the really creepy ancient ones that choose the polygamy route?  These are guys nobody would want to marry even if they didn't already have 45 wives.  I think only the rich, good looking ones should be allowed to marry more than one gal. Like Mitt Romney. Here's a perfectly handsome looking Mormon fellow (might I say hot?) who can actually afford lots of wives.  And they probably wouldn't mind having sex with him. Unlike, say, this guy.  I don't think Joseph Smith thought the rules through enough.

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