Monday, June 15, 2009

KC in Chicago

If your immediate thought was "And the Sunshine Band" you are a bigger dork than I am. No, Kenny Chesney, people! I had already seen his 2009 tour in Alabama last month, so I'm coming dangerously close to being one of those Phish-like freaks. If I start having an urge to make and sell hemp accessories, we'll know for sure.

Let me just say it, and I hope it doesn't hurt anyone's feelings: Kenny Chesney doesn't like southern people. There is no other explanation for why his show in Chicago was SO MUCH BETTER. He played longer, performed more encores and seemed like he actually wanted to be there. In Alabama you kind of got the feeling he was a dog with an invisible fence along the perimeter of the stage and he'd go running off if it wasn't for the fear of getting electrocuted.

It was the first girls night out I'd had in a very long time. We started outside at the Park Grill where the waitress took an immediate disliking to our party. After not coming to take our order for about 20 minutes, we thought maybe that section of outdoor seating required you to go to the bar. So while several of us headed up to the bar for drinks, the waitress (finally) sauntered by to take our order. After being told we were up at the bar getting drinks she chastised the rest of our group who went ahead and ordered another round for everyone since we figured she might not return until the year 2012. It was downhill from there. She returned every 45 minutes or so and looked disappointed we were still alive and hadn't succumbed to dehydration.

We skipped the opening acts before Kenny. Because several of us are allergic to SugarLand. The Obama Administration should look into replacing waterboarding with that woman's voice. After 30 seconds, I think we'll learn all we need to know. Although this might result in a lot of false confessions. They'll all be screaming, "I did it! Please God I did it just make it stop!" I love country music but I hate when singers add in an extra twang for effect. We get it: You're COUNTRY.

So after Kenny, we endured the Death March that ensues after a show at Soldier Field, where you have to walk for miles to find transportation. Note to Mayor Daley: Maybe tidy that problem up before our final bid for the Olympics. But despite the surly waitress, despite the long trek home afterward, it was very good times. And I'm just glad Kenny's hostility is limited to the south. Or maybe just Alabama?

PS --Go here for some reality tv recaps. There are four bloggers, myself included, working tirelessly watching very bad tv so you don't have to.


  1. I LOVE the Park Grill! That salad with the caperberries...Nyum. And you're not kidding about that chick from Sugarland. Isn't that the music they played outside Noriega's house years ago? Glad you had fun and that KC acted nice to the midwesterners. Double dog dare you to go back to the Park Grill, get the same waitress and tip her with a Sugarland cd.

  2. Love the blog, but I'm pretty sure Kenny Chesney is gay.