Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Go Daddy-O!

Back by popular demand (read here my mom likes them): a video of my children. As usual, should you choose to click on it, turn your volume down if you are in a public venue -- like work -- and don't want people to think you're having a Swingers theme party in your cubicle. (Notice I assume you are in a cubicle. Who important enough to have an office would read my blog? No offense.)

I believe in a consistent bedtime routine so babies know it's time to relax and start getting soothed toward sleep. So I'm not entirely sure how this crept into the mix before their bath each night. But these little babies are so money... (Okay, very lame but I couldn't resist! I love you, Vince Vaughn!!!)


  1. I love the double binkie's! They are sooooo cute!

  2. double trouble! they have grown since the sippy cup shuffle. so adorable. you have talented twins. i see them as top contenders on America's Got Talent in the near future. take care.

  3. So adorable! I can't remember their exact age, but I think they're close to my daughter's (15 months). She's recently discovered the joy of sticking one arm out in the air ("dancing") and turning in circles until she falls down--laughing like a maniac the entire time. I love to see them together. Taking turns, admiring one another's moves, playing together! Maybe it's because my boys (5 and 3) are at each other's throats these days, but that is just too cute.

  4. Okay, seriously. OMG. OMG. I have never wanted twins, until I saw this video! OMG! They are perfection! So cute! I love how if one stopped, the other one stopped too, and stared like, "What? Why did you stop?" So cute!