Sunday, June 28, 2009

Discipline 101

When I say "no no" to my kids they start mocking me. "NO NO!" they yell and giggle and keep doing exactly what they are doing. I've read you have to be consistent and follow through when disciplining kids. I do the exact opposite. Here is a typical scenario.

(Girls get up on couch and start jumping.)

Me: No, no girls. We sit on the couch. Sit. (I tend to repeat myself when talking to them like some kind of moron.)

Them: No no no! (Giggle. Continue jumping.)

(I spot them so they don't go flinging off the couch. I'm an enabler. Always have been, always will be.)

(Girls climb onto coffee table from the couch.)

Me: Girls, really, no no. We don't climb on the coffee table.

Girls: No! No! (Giggle. Giggle.)

(Girls go from all fours to standing on coffee table.)

Me: Girls, seriously, no no. You're going to get a boo boo! (I always threaten the impending boo boo.)

(Girls point to boo boos on their knees and nod. Continue walking around on coffee table.)

(I go over and hold their hands as they walk around on coffee table so they don't fall off. Then decide they look cute and take picture.)

Please look for a post in about 12 years with their first mug shot for an armed robbery for which I supply the gun and drove the getaway car.


  1. So adorable. Great photo. Double trouble! I can't imagine disciplining twins. My sis has twins and I don't know how she keeps her head on straight. One will be climbing the oven while the other is banging his head on the windows. I would lose my marbles. Take care.

  2. I thought I was going to die, reading this! My 15-month-old does exactly the same thing. She's just managed to climb onto the couch by herself, so she gets up there and spends a few minutes walking back and forth. Then she climbs onto the coffee table next to the couch, where she plays with the lamp shade and then (because we have the changing table behind the couch) she starts throwing the clean diapers on the floor.

    And the entire time, I'm saying, "No, Matilda. Sit down. Sit on your bottom. On your butt. Sit on your butt. Don't touch the lamp! Sit on your butt." And she's laughing, dancing, and saying, "No, no, no. Butt! No. Butt, butt!"

    Maybe we can visit our girls in prison together.

  3. The climbing stage drove me crazy...It seemed like they would never grow out of it. But like the obsession with chewing on shoes it also passed.

    Your girls are perfectly adorable.

  4. Oh, you've got to toughen up, Dina Lohan. (But they ARE quite cute, I'll give you that.)

  5. Someone needs to invent a camera that can take a picture of those kind of moments without them noticing.

  6. SO cute! They are adorable, as always. And they never listen, do they? They like to test us like that.