Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Baby Shampoo WOO HOO! (Cartwheels Ensue...)

Does the photo above excite you for some reason? Me neither. On a related note, following is a word-for-word exchange between my husband and I:

Him upon returning from Walmart: I got Johnson's baby shampoo and bath stuff. It was on special so I bought a bunch.  (Holds up and shows me said products).

Me: Oh, okay.

Him: Well you don't seem very excited.

Me: Err, well, probably because I'm not... 

Him: Well, the ones you bought -- that generic -- the label comes off when it gets wet and the girls can peel it off and eat it.

Me: Okay...

Him: This one has no paper label they can peel off.

Me: Yup, okay, I see that. Great.

Him: It was on sale.

Me: Yes, okay, so you said. Perfect.

Him: Well, you don't seem very happy...


Seriously. Has our life become so devoid of excitement (minus, of course, The Bachelorette, which we both find terribly exciting) that we must have a full-fledged discussion about BABY SHAMPOO PRODUCTS? 

I'm pretty sure our marriage is intact only because we spend about 12 hours a week dissecting Jilllian Harris' various suitors. We're deep like that. Why discuss world hunger or poverty or the Middle East crisis when an annoying Canadian gal who thinks everything is "wicked" is willing to go on television and make out with 12 guys in the name of finding Mr. Right? My husband immediately predicted who Jillian would pick on her two-on-one date last night. I like that kind of foresight in a person, especially since I was dead wrong.  I may write host Chris Harrison a note thanking him for keeping my marriage alive. Of course, if my husband comes home with a new brand of diaper cream this evening and wants to debate its merits,  I may spend time drafting a property settlement agreement instead. He, of course, can take custody of the plethora of baby shampoo.


  1. Kadooz* to your husband for even thinking to buy the damned shampoo! Mine isn't quite so together. And he also thought that she'd pick BigHair McGee on the 2-1 date, so clearly your husband could teach him a few things.

    *Only funny if you enjoyed the RHoNYC

  2. Oh, God, what does it say about me that I thought, "Wow, a whole assortment of baby shampoo, that might totally make my week"?

  3. Kendra-

    I think it says you are appreciative.

  4. I have had that conversation over juice boxes. (In a serious mood today, so sorry no wit.) I think sometimes they think we will appreciate things more than we do and it bugs them when we don't jump for joy. I now do a little dance over juice boxes and it keeps everyone happy.

  5. Hilarious. My boyfriend and I also bond over the Bachelorette. I think our mutual disgust of Wes and Jillian's squealing make us fall a little more in love every Monday night. Otherwise he's usually watching sports on mute on the second living rm TV he convinced me was a good idea.