Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Best Product Ever!

The human race never ceases to amaze me. Sliced bread, Botox and now this: Daniel Craig ice pops. Thank you Del Monte! This is pure heaven on a stick. Literally.  They come in blueberry, pomegranate and cranberry. Personally, I'd prefer they taste like Daniel Craig emerging from the ocean -- a mix of salt water and his sweat. But, hey, Del Monte didn't bother to consult me.

I swore I would never link to Perez Hilton's blog. Ever. But I can't find this covered anywhere else. Thank you to my one reader who tipped me off.  I'm off to buy a new freezer so I can order a life-time supply. I fear consumers won't show the same enthusiasm as I and the product might not be available forever. I want to be sure when I am all alone slobbering in my bed at the nursing home, I can die in peace licking Daniel Craig.

PS -- Del Monte PR people: If you need a spokesperson for this product, look no further!  I am available and promise not to lick the real Daniel Craig (in public) when we travel on our multi-city, international promotional tour. (Please make sure our hotel rooms are next to each other. Just for convenience sake...)

PSS -- If you are interested in what amounted to the most boring hour of television ever, here is my post on the horror show that is "Jon and Kate Plus Eight."


  1. has it covered.

  2. i saw a woman on an entertainment news report licking him. i was shocked, but i think it is a wonderful idea. it's so we can all get a taste of Daniel. lick those abs up and down. i would like to see some Brad and George pops, maybe even a Matt Damon pop modeled after his Bourne Identity body, not his post-baby body. take care.

  3. I'm sorry, all I can see is a glistening Daniel Craig. Mmmm.

  4. At first I thought you meant this photo was the “best product ever,” and I was actually all set to agree with you on that! But though I would prefer to lick the real thing, pomegranate is tasty too, and I can eat these in front of the kids! (Well, sort of. I may still end up fielding some questions about why Mommy is licking some man’s tummy.)

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