Thursday, June 25, 2009

Which Angel Were You?

My favorite of Charlie's Angels growing up was Jill played by Farrah Fawcett. I found myself sad to hear she passed away, even a little teary-eyed. My friends and I used to play Charlie's Angels and every time I begged to be Jill but always got stuck playing Sabrina (Kate Jackson). When you have horribly bucked teeth and five-inch thick glasses as a child, it doesn't leave much room for negotiation. Not that Kate Jackson's a bad looking gal but for some reason nobody ever wanted to play her.

I was also sometimes forced to be Bosley if too many girls were around. I mean, even being Sabrina each time was better than impersonating a chubby balding guy with a lisp. I once played Charlie and had to stay covered under a blanket and every once in a while just bellow "Hello Angels!" from underneath the covers. Even that was better than Bosley.

Despite my fondness for the series, I've never had any interest in seeing the Charlie's Angels movies. Drew Barrymore freaks me out. I can't ever concentrate on the character she's playing because I'm so distracted by the way she talks out of the side of her mouth. Can't some fancy acting school in LA help rid her of that habit?

Okay, so for a little blast from the past, here is a tribute to Farrah paired with the song -- ready for it? -- I Honestly Love You by Olivia Newton John. If this doesn't make you cry, stab yourself in a vein and make sure red flows out because you might not be human.


  1. My fav angels were Sabrina (she was the ball buster, I wanted to be tough) and Kelly (she was beautiful, I wanted her hair), and later on Cheryl Ladd (she was gorgeous, i wanted to be sexy like her). I was never a big fan of Farrah's. I hope her son can get sober and Ryan finds peace. Take care.

  2. My favorite was Kelly. Do you remember that movie starring Kate Jackson that was about her husband turning out to be gay and then she had a kid with someone else and named him Rupert? Did I make that up? Hello? And now Michael Jackson is dead and little boys everywhere are much safer and I must go listen to "Off the Wall" a hundred times and grieve heavily and privately. Sure beats commenting the hell out of someone's blog for maybe 30 lines or 30 minutes or...shutting up now. Maybe. No really.

  3. Kate Jackson was always my favorite. Even at 6 years old, I was already hoping against hope that brains would win out over boobs and great hair. (Sadly, as an adult I'd say ... not so much.)

  4. I always loved Farrah. I wanted desperately to be her, with her long legs and gorgeous hair (neither of which I was blessed with). I was so saddened to hear she was gone. Interestingly, I always think of her (after picturing her famous poster) in "Dr T and the Women." There was this scene where she stripped naked and pranced around in a mall fountain. And in an interview later, she was talking about what a hard thing that was, to be Farrah Fawcett in late middle age, prancing around naked in a public place. And I thought she was so brave to do it--and still so beautiful.

    I am also surprisingly sad to say goodbye to Michael Jackson. He was my first celebrity crush. And I kind of feel bad for them both for potentially being overshadowed by the other. What a sad day for American pop culture.

  5. Farrah was great, but I loved Jacklyn (is that her name?)even more!

    And FYI, about Drew - I read in an interview with her (I think it was last month's Marie Claire?) that in a new movie she's in, she does not talk out of the side of her mouth! She apparently promised the Director, or something like that.