Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mental Illness

It has come to my attention that my non-OCD twin also has developed a mental illness, albeit one harder to cure: Identity Disorder Syndrome. She thinks she is, in fact, one of the Little People. 

My first clue was when she threw the Little People bus driver callously from his post and tried to climb in, presumably to take over driving duties.  Unfortunately, not only was she unsuccessful thereby hurting her self-esteem, but, far more important, we failed to catch it on video.  She had a tad bit more success figuring out how to go down the Little People's Amusement Park slide. Only a tad. After one trip down and a "whhheeeee!" you can't hear on the video, she tries again to no avail. 

I'm aware you (hopefully) have better things to do than watch video footage of another person's child. If you were into that sort of thing, you could watch "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" and call it a night. A distastrous, depressing night at that.  But this isn't all about you, people. I need documentation to show that my children were quite possibly insane at an early age so I can negate the blame they will undoubtedly throw at their mother (it's always the mother's fault!) when they seek therapy later in life. And I edited a 20-minute video down to about a minute so stop your whining.  The same courtesy can't be boasted by TLC.

Warning: Music accompanies this video. I used to hate when I was at work pretending to work and I'd innocently click on a link and sound would blare out and I would frantically look for the off button or the volume on my computer and it would ruin the guise that I was actually being productive that day.


  1. Hey, you've seen my blog. My daughter suffers from OCD and I find it important to document for future therapy sessions as well!

    We could form a support group: Mother's of OCD Children - MOCDC? That doesn't quite have the same ring as MADD. We should work on that.

  2. That was adorable. I love the way she keeps looking at you, like, "What's so interesting about me going down a slide?"

    Are those snowman Robeez she's wearing? My 15-month-old has those same shoes, and whenever she thinks it's time to go outside, she carries them up to me, plants herself in my lap, and hands them to me.

  3. If she thinks she's a little people now, she wont be disappointed when she begins dating.

  4. I have to give it to her for persistence. Take the girls to the park a little more often... Maybe she will get her fill of sliding that way.

  5. Stop it! Thank GOD I am not currently watching this at work because I am laughing my ass off! OMG, so cute, going down the slide! LOL!