Monday, May 11, 2009

"Vacation" Update

Thus far, in less than 24 hours mind you, we've experienced the following:
  • Two simultaneous tantrums because the girls wanted to sit down on the moving walkway.
  • One screaming fit when I ran out of Strawberry Yogurt Melts before we even boarded. Note to self: the Peach Yogurt Melts are apparently not as tasty.  Although in a random taste test, I concluded they both taste exactly the same: like Elmer's glue doused with powder.
  • One bloody nose when LuLu fell while running after an Elmo lawnmower thingy on my parents' driveway.
  • One possible concussion when Moxley slipped after her bath.
  • One sweatshirt covered in vomit.  (Mine. Moxley threw up after falling. Nothing says "Happy Mother's Day!" quite like the feel of warm, regurgitated food running down your neck and seeping into your bra.)
  • Two scheduled middle-of-the-night wake-ups to ensure Moxley didn't need to go to the hospital.
Having a blast! Wish you were here!


  1. I hope that Moxley is okay. Vomit after a head injury does not sound good.

    P.S. Yogurt melts? Eww!! Are you sure she didn't puke from that?

  2. Oh my gosh. I love this post because it makes me feel so... normal! ;)

    My baby has taken so many falls... so scary... but seriously, hoping your baby girl is okay. If she is good and alert today, I'm sure all is fine.

  3. Oh, what a trip you're having! Bloody noses scare me to death, though I don't know why; I guess because I don't think I've ever had one. And vomiting after a fall is scary. I hope she's feeling good and alert today.

    Traveling with kids is always tough, and it sounds like the girls are up to the challenge of reminding you why you never go anywhere. I hope you're having a nice time between all the "incidents"!

  4. I hope little Moxley is ok. Sounds like you are having a blast! I have delayed traveing for this very reason but we are taking our first trip to St. Louis in two weeks. You are brave to travel with two babies!

  5. Just tuned in and already love the way you write and the humour you manage to find through the day.
    Hope the rest of your trip is smooth!