Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Take Me Out ... To the Garbage

I can't believe Denise Richards was in town to SING at the Cubs game and didn't give me a holler.  Thing is, I live near Wrigley Field so I'm surprised the abomination that is her voice didn't permeate into my living room on Monday. I did feel decidedly ill mid-evening but attributed it to my first DWTS episode without the loveliness that is Chuck Wicks. Now I see it was probably that Denise had invaded my hood.

Also, and I can't decide if this is good new or bad news, Denise's bomb of a reality show It's Complicated will be back for a second season starting in June. (I previously reported it was canceled. Which is perhaps why a career in journalism didn't work out for me.) I'm thinking after seeing this clip from the show that it's GREAT news.  (It's kind of bleeped out but did she call this woman the c-word???)  Yes, there are minor children involved, Denise, so let's parade the embarrassment that is your life on a reality show! Yay, let's do that!

What is this creature above and where can you get one?


  1. Wow, she's pleasant, isn't she? Now, I don't know what she was upset about, and given the right circumstances (definitely ones that involve my kids) I can be pretty awful too. But if I don't want my kids to be "reading about it" years from now, I definitely don't invite a camera crew in to the discussion about it.

    I feel really terrible for the lady she was talking to. "Oh, you're the lady Denise Richards cussed out!" I guess I should be glad to be living in a celebrity-free world.

    And yes, I think she did call her that. I don't know what she did to incur the wrath of Denise, but I think I'd have to walk in on my therapist doing terrible things to my husband before I'd resort to that word. Maybe Denise is just more open-minded with her language than me!

  2. I actually thought this was hilarious. And the sad truth is the woman who was on the receiving end kind of deserved it. Well, kind of. She's was a tabloid writer who dragged the kids through the mud (according to Denise). But it doesn't really matter the details...when she loses it and calls her a C...oh man, that was good! I like to see even fake celeb's lose their cookies and drop a C-bomb. I can only hope someone will recap this fine piece of television! (get the hint!)

  3. I have to admit I started watching the show after she dropped the c-bomb. It made me like her a little bit.

    In my defense, I was on bedrest for 5 months and not totally sane.