Saturday, May 2, 2009

How Much Would You Have to Hate Your Husband...

To divorce him while you were pregnant?  I mean, who has the energy?  Plus, if you despise him, what better way to torture him than making him stay up all night feeding and changing a baby?  I don't know who Kelis and Nas are -- as is becoming increasingly more common at my advanced age -- but one of them sings a song called Milkshake. Something tells me it has nothing to do with a wholesome concoction featuring ice cream.  (Please wait while I consult my best friend Google.) Oh, and right I am.  Here are the lyrics and let's just say I wouldn't want to drink the euphemism that is her "milkshake."

Hell, if I decide I want to get a divorce I'll wait until the kids turn 18. Not in deference to their mental well-being, mind you, but doesn't arranging weekend visits sound like a lot of work? I'm tired by the time the weekend rolls around. I can't be shuttling kids back and forth and worrying about whose weekend it is.  


  1. Yeah, I would never be able to divorce my husband when pregnant. I was incredibly hormonal and slightly crazy and often thought about killing him (especially with the second two, when I knew what it was going to be like when they were born). But never divorce. Especially when you're pregnant and angry, that's letting him off way too easy!

  2. You keep posting reasons why I am happy to be single. Thank you!!! I feel so much better about my single status....even in my advanced age!