Monday, July 20, 2009

Like a Tim McGraw Song

When one looks death square in the face and lives to tell about it, one would think one would have a better outlook on life, wouldn't one? Sort of like that Tim McGraw song. If you think I was kidding that I was convinced I had eyelid cancer, I actually wasn't. I was quite sure. Ask my husband or my mom or that receptionist at Northwestern who wouldn't give me a hasty appointment and who had to listen to me ad nauseam as I quoted research articles and such. I even asked my sister if she would take my kids after I died but then remembered that my husband would probably want them.

No, I'm back to busying my mind with superficial, trivial issues like: If I wait for the JCrew Final Sale to be announced, will they still have those white denim boot cut jeans in my size? If I buy them now, can I buy another pair when they go on sale and then return them using the first receipt or is that technically stealing?

So, I'm back, baby! (Eyebrow-less, but back.) Cracking on Denise, making my husband miserable and generally collecting debit points on my karma card. And The Bachelorette is on tonight! All is well.

PS -- Tim McGraw: Hot or Not?


  1. Tim McGraw is NOT HAWT. He could be if he could garner the confidence to go out in public without covering his bald head. Insecurity is unsexy.

    And can you really wear white jeans? I don't like you much any more. If I wore white jeans, you could show a movie on my ass.

  2. HOT! So Hot! He's just got that sex appeal thing going on.

  3. O.k. the part about the husband wanting the kids? I laughed because I have done the same thing after a STAT consult with Dr. Google. Total panic about who would take the kids, uh, duh, two parent family here. Glad to see you're back and better than ever. (ps -- your comment on my blog was kick a$$. thanks for the visit.)

  4. he's hot when he acts. not hot when he sings. not a fan of country music. watched a bit of that bachelor men tell all. so awful. jillian is a "wicked" whore and the guys are a$$bags. got to catch up with two of my fav E! gals today. i almost peed in my pants when Denise cracked her head into the window. i look forward to Kendra next week and her mama flippin out over the baby. i use a nice brown eyeliner to fill in my spots when i overpluck the brows. take care.

  5. I'm glad your eyelid cancer scare came out okay. And I can see myself having exactly the same thought about the kids!

    (Returning the jeans with the first receipt would not be stealing! Go for it!)