Monday, July 6, 2009

Getting the Orange Out

So I'm trying to concentrate more on non-orange foods and the Lisa Rinna-like hue seems to be subsiding. I feel bad now for mocking Lisa to high heaven. Maybe Lisa doesn't so much have a fondness for fake tanning as she does for sweet potatoes...

Have you ever seen such joyous consumption of unsalted green beans in all your life? Sheesh.


  1. That's adorable! I wish I had such passion for any food that hadn't been salted, fried, and/or dunked in chocolate.

  2. How did you get them to eat those? My daughter refuses beans, peas or any vegetable other then sweet potatoes or regular potatoes. Maybe I need to try feeding her some as snack when she is not trapped in the high chair.
    Need to have Marjorie meet your girls.
    Glad the orange is going away. ;)