Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I never considered myself a TV junkie. But as I look at the programs piling up on our TIVO that I am behind on, I realize perhaps I have a problem. I do my best to avoid getting into new shows, no matter how great they are supposed to be, because I can't imagine adding another one to my to-do list. It's like a job. For years I was admonished for not watching Grey's Anatomy. For the record, that Sandra Oh freaks me out -- although I didn't mind her in Sideways -- and I prefer to remember Dr. McDreamy as the dorky kid from Can't Buy Me Love.

My current list of must-see shows when they are in season:
  • The Bachelorette: Good Lord Jillian is annoying. If you don't think she's annoying it's probably because you are annoying. No offense. I had the pleasure of recapping The Men Tell All this week so read it here. Go ahead, we'll wait.
  • Denise Richards It's Complicated: I like to think it's only because I'm obligated for Reality Roadkill but really maybe she's growing on me. Don't tell Denise that if you see her.
  • Entourage: Is Vince as boring in real life, one wonders?
  • LOST: This works out well because Sawyer is in my top 5 and Kate is in my husband's. Unfortunately for me, my husband probably has a better chance because if Kate will sleep with the guy who played a munchkin or whatever you call those creatures from Lord of the Rings, chances are she's not too picky.
  • True Blood: Did you know those two do it in real life, presumably minus the fangs?
  • Jon and Kate Plus Eight: Again for Reality Roadkill but these people are NOT growing on me. Dear God pray it doesn't come back on or if it does it will include Jon's sexual exploits with bong-loving hussies.
  • Flight of the Concords: Present! Murray is my favorite.
  • Dancing with the Stars: Because I'm a big dork although not as big as that Samantha host chick. I'm not as tan either.
  • House Hunters: Most people seem to watch it for the house hunting part. I'm always intrigued by the couples. Like one recently where a surgeon married some hottie little nurse 25 years his junior with the worst fake boobs you've ever seen and it was clear his kids hated her and you had to wonder what the jilted ex-wife thought about them house hunting for a tropical getaway on national television. They said they "met at the hospital" but forgot to mention he was married and having a severe mid-life crisis at the time. See? Who can concentrate on the property when there is so much to speculate about regarding the personal lives of the buyers.
So... (I'm getting to the point here soon, people, what do you have work to do or something???) with so much tv already on the weekly agenda, it is usually with great caution I add another show to the mix. But the previews for the new HBO show Hung got me curious. I mean, it's called HUNG. Because the guy is HUNG. Why be subtle? A divorced Detroit-based teacher has hit a low point, is out of cash and realizes his only true asset is below the belt so to speak so he decides to become a male prostitute. It's a lot funnier than it sounds... Check it out. I'm afraid nobody is watching and they'll can it and I'm now hooked. Which is what happened with that couples therapy show Tell Me You Love Me on HBO that aired one season, I fell in love with it and it disappeared. WHY WAS NOBODY WATCHING THAT??? I don't ask much of you people. So go TIVO Hung. Stat.


  1. Wish I had HBO to watch the great shows. I'm too cheap. I did the vampire thing a long time ago with Buffy and Angel, and I'm not ready for vampires with nudity. I still have not seen Twilight. I won't read the series since I find reading to be boring. Hence, my poor uses of grammar and vocabulary. I do like Thomas Jane, even though he is divorced from Patricia and got busted for DUI. You can also see him in Deep Blue Sea and The Sweetest Thing. He is nice to look at. I might have to rent Hung when it comes out. I knew Denise and Jon & Kate would grow on you. Happy Tivoing. Take care.

  2. Flight of the conchords is awesome

  3. I wish I had HBO so I could watch HUNG!! I heard it's REALLY good.

    Presently I have a backlog of NYC Prep, Miami Social and Kathy Griffin on my DVR... If you consider your list TV junk, I think mine's probably along the lines of TV crack.

  4. New to this but happy to find you b/c your blog is hi-larious. Gave up the HBO in the move to parenthood but that premise is fantastic - I'm going to have to netflix it or slink around to hbo houses after baybee bedtime.

    Thanks for sayin hi over in my new blawg. I can see how this can be obsessive good fun.

  5. Maybe it's just as well that I don't watch Hung, because it seems to be the death knell of any show when I start watching it. I'm still kind of pissed that they took "American Gothic" off the air, and that has to have been ten years ago. And I loved the series "Huff" with Hank Azaria, and that only made it one or two seasons.

    I don't watch most reality TV (though I will admit to seeing a few episodes of "The Hills"), but I have my own weaknesses. I've discovered that if it were possible, I would spend all my time watching crime dramas and shows that prominently feature magic. Yes, I am what is wrong with television viewers. I'm really enjoying "True Blood," though it's a little tricky keeping track of all the weirdness (wait, so there are vampires and shape shifters and maybe werewolves, and what else is real now?).

    And I would totally marry the entire cast of "Flight of the Conchords." Even Mel. Even her husband. I totally heart that show.

  6. I saw a House Hunters where the single mom was buying a house in Hawaii and selling one in S. Cal. She seemed to have boundless funds. I wanted so badly to know how she could afford this all. She had two boys and was moving for the life style change. They never said what she did for a living. I wanted to ask “OMG lady where do you get the money”? (PS - She did not look like a porn star!)

  7. I've been watching HUNG, also. I love his kids.

    Try "Intervention" on A&E. You'll thank me.