Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Mama Dresses Me Funny II

Dear God there's a winterized version of the Jolly Romper! So mesmerized was I by this trend that I hired several investigative photojournalists to document its continuing popularity south of the Mason Dixon Line. Apparently this dear boy's sister was wearing a coordinating one covered in bows but my paparazzo got nervous and couldn't capture the sibling on film.

How many years of therapy will this kid need? Ten? Twenty? An entire lifetime? What's sad is his parents and multitude of psychiatrists probably won't even be able to pinpoint his impending mental instability to this very outfit. The mother will fret her whole life: "Was I too permissive? Not permissive enough? Did I nurse too long? Not long enough?" Nope, lady, you just had sucky-ass taste in toddler wear.

I will say that the fall/winter Jolly Romper is more becoming in that the colder weather necessitates an undergarment so at least the kid isn't exposing his armpits. But need it have a girly habit-like collar? Remember this precious little profile people. Because someday we will see it again. On America's Most Wanted.

PS -- I'm slightly concerned about the ethics of posting photos of other people's children. But not enough not to do it.


  1. I have to disagree with you this topic.

    I love the traditional rompers and bishop dresses. I think it's a Southern thing though. I don't think I ever saw either one when we lived in Brussels or visited my relatives in DC, Baltimore or VA.

    Of course, with my luck, whenever I do get around to the marriage/kids/job part of lie I will probably spawn evil children who will fight me on everything. Therefore, my kids will probably run around in dress up clothes until their old enough to be made fun of.


  2. Well I have to agree and disagree. I do think that you can get away with these outfits until 1 then you really need to start shopping at the gap or target. No child old enough for mothers day out should ever have to wear these clothes.

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  5. Just thought you'd like to know that I now try to sneak the phrase "airy poplin" into any and all conversations (via your Southern Satellite postings). I need a winter counterpart and "jon jon" just isn't going to work as easily into my daily discourse. I need a more detailed description of these genteel garments.

  6. Oh. My. God. I didn't realize until further through your post that this was a boy. Dear lord, someone talk to that mother. This is not good for his psyche!

  7. I was under the impression that this was a girl too. In fact, for a brief awful moment, I thought it was me. (I grew up in hand-me-downs in the '70s--terrible taste is implied.) Maybe it's the fact that my kids have giant heads and virtually no necks when they're young, but I hate Peter Pan collars; they just look painful!

    Admittedly I'm lazy when it comes to picking out my kids' clothes; they tend to run around in jeans or, in the case of my bowling-ball-shaped toddler, sweat pants. But I simply can't imagine picking that outfit as a great choice for the playground. The poor kid's probably afraid to do anything for fear of ruining his "dress-up play clothes"!