Monday, November 16, 2009


My babies turn two today. Their new, fairly obtrusive slide better keep them busy all winter long while we're stuck inside or I'm sending hate mail to ToysRUs and all the reviewers who said "It's hours of fun!" I hope they literally meant hours. How many toys come with the promise of "Keeps them busy all day!" and they take one look at the thing and just want to climb around in the box it came in?

Also, I have a tip for you: Want the most visually appalling not to mention most poorly made sleepwear on the planet? Look no further than the Dora winter footie, available at crappy discount stores everywhere:

It had a hole in it within 20 minutes of being worn. "Fix it!" one twin wailed. Right. Or burn it.

Well, maybe you've noticed I'm not overly mushy. So I'll spare you my sentiments regarding how I can't believe my girls are two and how I haven't teared up that way since Kate goes through all the trouble to return to the island to see Sawyer and he's shacking up with Juliet. (Oh, right, I also cried during Marley and Me -- I'm trying to forget about that...) That two years ago I was lying in the hospital looking at their scrawny little legs in complete and utter fear and that they used to look like this, swimming in their newborn outfits:

And so happy that despite their tininess I was allowed to take them home with me. Now, two years later, they are chubby little people-hating tyrants. Just like their mother. Happy birthday, girlies!


  1. Happy Birthday Lu and Mox! (R&G) I know your mommy is a big ass (not really) sissy and she cried like a baby on your birthday. She doesn't fool me.

    They do look exactly the same! Hope they have a great birthday. We have our big party on Saturday...I am making a doll we'll see how that goes. P.S. I love how demanding they are, makes me laugh.

  2. happy birthday to the twins. i do hope that slide provides them hours of enjoyment. i see the Thomas balloon in the picture, do you have train fans, too? watch out. it is a very expensive hobby. they have adorable train characters for girls, too. my son likes to have both. take care.

  3. Happy birthday, girlies. I know your mom fancies herself a badass just like I do but I'm sure she's yet to sing Happy Birthday to her kids without crying, too. I've done it for fourteen effin' years. It pisses me off. So when Momma seems angry on your birthday or when you're sick, just know she loves you more than life itself.

  4. Happy Birthday to the girls! When they tire of going down the slide themselves, show them how to "slide" other things. It will stretch the fun out another 5 minutes.

    Note that things with wheels will fly across the room which will take longer to retrieve and do again.

    Sigh, I thought the slide would be a great outdoor toy, somehow its now part of the plastic growth that is choking our family room decor to death. I should have just decorated in primary colors and licensed characters.

  5. Happy birthday to two adorable girls (and to you Lulu and Moxley's mom - congratulations on two years of motherhood - raising glass to you!)

  6. Happy Birthday LuLu! Happy Birthday Moxie! Hope you all had a great day. Now, go get some wine or the alcoholic beverage of your choice and bring on the two's with twins!!

  7. Happy Birthday!! Thanks, girls, for giving your mommy so many awesome and entertaining things to write about!!

  8. Happy Birthday to the girls!!

    PS Those pajamas are pretty eye injuring, perhaps you could ask for Hello Kitty pj's for your next sleep overs to save your mothers eyes?


  9. Happy Birthday to the little cutie pies! It's my son's birthday today too! He turned 3. I did however, write a sappy post today on my bloggy blog. : )

  10. Happy birthday, girls! The PJS may be evil, but the dresses are adorable.

    We have that same slide--though it's outside. I'm afraid if we brought it in, I would never be allowed a moment without screaming again. My kids love sliding down it, plus yes, the cars go down, and balls, and sometimes they put a big ball (we have a yoga/labor ball that's clearly not being used by me!) at the bottom and slide down to bounce onto it. Three years after we got it, that slide is still a favorite, so I hope your girls enjoy it--without screaming or injury!