Sunday, November 22, 2009

Two Degrees of Separation

I don't mean to brag, but my husband hung out this weekend with the nephew of one of the most famous musicians on Earth. He had a guys weekend, so to speak, to attend a football game at his alma mater. (Snore.) So one of my husband's friends brought a guy he works with, the relative of seriously one of the most famous people on Earth. See if you can guess who.

He sells out concerts around the world to screaming fans. It's almost impossible to get tickets to any of his shows. He's Australian (no not Keith Urban but dear God if it was I would have driven to their location with girls in tow and hugged this guy in hopes that some of Keith's DNA rubbed off on me.) He's a really good dancer... Anyone? Okay, it's one of these guys:

So now I'm wondering if it would be too forward to ask the nephew to get us a private show with his uncle and his band as one of my kids' Christmas presents. Nothing fancy, mind you. Just a few songs. And, since the girls really don't like people, if they would mind dressing up as our current favorite characters. Like one could be Dora, another Boots, a Barney and finally one as Thomas the Train. I don't think the costumes would impact their routine too much. And, really, my husband rode in a car with this guy for five hours there and back and hung out for an entire weekend. It's the least the guy could do, right?

So this FameCrawler thing. I've been asked how you can search by author over there so you can find my posts. If you go to "tags" at the bottom of posts and in one of mine click on "LuLu and Moxleys Mom," all of my posts should come up. But, hey, if you're like me, you're a lazy SOB so here are links to a few you might enjoy. Or not.

Like this one where I piss someone off for making fun of Seal's name.

Or this one where I suggest Kathy Hilton should have given her children up to be raised by someone else.

Or here where I accuse Posh Spice of being a big fat liar (or little emaciated liar as the case may be.)


  1. I'm sure their multi-gagillion dollar egos will have no problem catering to your small request.

    BTW, I should have learned from your posts about toddler clothing. I managed to offend a relative of mine, and since I really like her (despite her taste in baby sayings),I have to do some damage control.

    Which brings up another thing, great response on the Seal comment.

  2. I think your husband deserves a blow job for hanging with one of the Wiggles instead of making you do it.

  3. Nice 3 degrees of separation you have going on. Good luck with your concert. That would make the ultimate 2 year old Christmas present!

  4. As hard as it is having a younger baby (at least, a "difficult" one), I can count as a benefit the fact that I had no idea who those people are.

  5. Is your husband now pretending to be Captain Feathersword at inopportune times?

  6. They totally owe you a concert! And I'd love to see them dressed as other characters singing "Fruit Salad." I might actually pay to see that!