Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Almost as tasty as my mother's sweet potatoes!

Umm. Yes. This is my daughter sucking on her toes during dinner AT THE TABLE. Of course she may have not understood the seriousness of this offense given her mother ran for her cell phone and snapped a photo before gently suggesting eating feet at mealtime is a no-no.

The irony of this is right before the above occurred I was smugly lamenting all of the ill-mannered children I'd come across at Pump It Up Party today. One little brat about 4 years of age yelled at me, "Lady, get out of the way!" because she was trying to jump off of a slide the wrong way and I was obstructing her path. First of all, I don't appreciate being called a "lady." Second, her tacky-ass mother was not two feet away and clearly heard her pint-sized tyrant ordering this lady around. And said nothing. Of course she had hoop earrings so big they grazed her shoulders so maybe her hearing was impaired. I kind of hissed at the girl and she sort of slunk away. It's a really fine moment when you make snake-like sounds at a pre-school-aged child and feel proud of yourself for doing so.

So bad manners run in the family I suppose. And, hey, at least the toe-eater is flexible. Her fatty-fatty-boom-boom twin sister (I will delete that by the time she can read so she doesn't develop an eating disorder and blame it on me) probably couldn't get her toe in her mouth even if I coated it in a hot fudge sundae.


  1. is "flexible twin" also "orange twin." wow! i can see why. a whole bowl of sweet potatoes. she is an addict. bet those toes taste even sweeter with sweet potato mush. at least with this new skill she can trim her own toenails.

  2. Hilarious.

    Oh, and Stef called one of her twins Fatty Mattie for the longest time. At least you're planning to delete.

  3. I miss the days when I could do that. Sigh.

  4. What's really scary is that before I noticed Miss Orange sucking on her toes, I saw the bowl & thought, Hey, we've got that bowl. And the matching fork & spoon set. That's damn classy tableware right there.

  5. I just ran into the same unruly child at my son's b-day party. Only this time, it morphed into boy form. So. Rude. Good for you for the hiss...

  6. Hiss away, just hiss away.

    I hate when I'm all thinking in my head (because I would never say it out loud because I think it's the equivilant of getting a tatoo of your spouse's name and turn around and get a divorce just like tamara on real housewives of oc), not my kid, and wouldn't you know it, they do that very thing you hate?!

    What's up with that?!?!

  7. I hate other people's rude kids. Mostly because they give me a moment of being all smug and relieved that my kids, whatever their faults, at least aren't that kid. And within seconds, they always prove me wrong.

    I am giggling over the image of "fatty-fatty boom boom" sucking on chocolate-covered toes. (And my first-grader, who I keep forgetting can read, just came up, read over my shoulder, and said "Hey, you're talking about us!" Must remember to delete once they can read.)