Friday, August 21, 2009

David Soul Lives

My girls woke up yesterday morning and immediately began yelling at me "Park! park! park!" I think they might be allergic to our house as they can't wait to get the hell out of it every day. I'm like some park-mongering zombie, taking them from park to park to park all day long, only coming home for their nap and then dinner. It's like Ground Hog Day every day, except Bill Murray isn't there to keep me company. I usually even take their lunch with us because they inevitably go ape-shit when I try to take them home before naptime. Who's the boss around here? C'est ne pas moi.

So yesterday as they verbally assaulted me first thing (BEFORE I HAD COFFEE!!!) I looked outside and at the forecast (since having kids I'm obsessed with and realized it was going to rain all morning. The thought of being in our house all morning while they banged on the closet door where I keep their shoes and hearing the word "park" a gazillion times was unappealing, so I decided to load them up in the car and take them to that indoor playroom I mentioned many moons ago where they blared "Like a Virgin" over the sound speakers. I have not attempted the "car by myself" trick (degree of difficulty 10) since I locked one of the twins inside WITH THE KEYS.

Stay with me, peeps, I have a point. So we get to the playroom all still alive and with me actually in the car with them this time and we all (even me) have a great time. Because while the girls went nuts trying on hats and sliding down slides and beating a Barbie to a pulp I was treated to blasts from the past such as "Don't Give Up On Us, Baby" by David Soul, who was either Starsky or Hutch, whomever is the blond. I mean, they don't make music like this anymore. Also for my listening pleasure: "Last Dance" by Donna Summer before she got all religious and uppity and Mariah Carey's "Vision of Love" before she broke up with that music mogul who bossed her around and made her wear outfits appropriate for her figure.

PS -- Don't you think a "best of" David Soul album is a little aggressive? I mean, didn't the guy have just that one hit?

PSS -- Mariah Carey used to be cute. What happened?

PSSS -- If you only do one thing for yourself today, click on the "Don't Give Up On Us, Baby" link. It'll transport you back in time. A time before crow's feet and spider veins and children who scream "PARK!" at you abusively at 6:45 am.


  1. Is that annoying 5 year old still at the park? I didn't know Hutch had an album. I also never knew Molly Ringwald did. She has a good voice too. I will have to check Mr. Soul out. Take care.

  2. I'll see your, "Don't Give Up On Us Baby", and raise you a "Da Doo Run Run Run Da Doo Run Run." Gawd, whatever happened to those creative lyrics?

  3. I miss that music. I was just listening to something the other day (either the Oldies station or the 80s station; how dare they be so similar that the music from my adolescence is probably playing on the Oldies station?) and thinking, why don't they make music like that anymore? I forget what it was, but it was one of a thousand songs just like it--you know, hang on, we're going to be fine, because some hackneyed metaphor represents us just perfectly in a way that is both nauseating and touching.

    And now it's either sex that's either too graphic or veiled in metaphor that disturbs me even as I try to sort it out, or else it's all "I can't make music that isn't deeply meaningful on both an emotional and a political level."

    Damn, I just want to hear someone write another "Every Rose Has Its Thorn."

  4. He was Hutch. David Soul may only have had one number 1 hit but he had more top ten hits. He was the highest selling artist of 1977, even knocking a dead Elvis Presley from number 1. People wrote David Soul off as just another actor who used his stardom to cash in on a singing career but he was a singer well before he was an actor. He has been very underrated for his talent as both a singer and an actor. He is an awesome singer and his music is loved by many.

  5. Listening to 70's/80's music takes me back to my childhood. I just managed ti listen to Lewis Collins' "Take it out on Time" a couple of days before it was deleted from You Tube. Gutted that I didn't download it at the time - it's so old, what's the problem with it being on You Tube??