Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Food Issues

We like cake so what's your freakin' problem?

I quit a lucrative job to stay home when my twins were born because I was convinced my constant presence in their fragile little lives was of utmost importance. Looking back, perhaps it was in their best interest to ship them off to an orphanage upon birth and ask that they be returned when they turned 25, assuming Angelina Jolie didn't adopt them first. Add "proper nutrition" to my growing list of failures as a mother, which currently includes not potty trained, still drinking milk from a bottle, general menace to society.

But all of this isn't really my fault, right? RIGHT? It's clearly theirs. I've long suspected my children have devised a sinister plan to slowly drive me insane. So slowly that I wouldn't really be sure when in fact my mind reached the brink of a breakdown at which point some very big men in very white jackets would show up at my house and take me to an undisclosed location where my brain would be subjected to severe electrical jolts. Which might actually feel like a vacation right now. I would think of it as an all-inclusive Sandals-like resort for the mentally ill. With the added bonus of being paid for by insurance.

My girls' food issues about have me near that point. Men in white / travel agents? You know where to find me. My children will only eat a subset of foods which require a diabolical amount of work on my part.

--Raisin bread with the raisins picked out. This went on for months until I finally scoured The Jewel bread aisle wherein I found a cinnamon loaf that looks and tastes remarkably like raisin bread sans raisins. Lulu looked at it and had the balls to indignantly demand, "Where are all my raisins?!" "YOU HATE RAISINS IN YOUR RAISIN BREAD AND MAKE MOMMY PICK THEM OUT LIKE A DERANGED PSYCHOPATH!" I concede that perhaps I uttered this a decibel too loudly.

--Blueberries muffins minus the blueberries. Fellow coffee shop patrons don't seem to appreciate my decimating baked goods in their presence.

--Chocolate chips cookies without the chocolate chips. Do you see a pattern?

--And perhaps most problematic, bagels with the crust cut off. Have you ever tried to explain to a pre-schooler that bagels are in fact SURROUNDED BY CRUST?

They won't try any new foods unless it contains 99 percent sugar. The other 1 percent should be some kind of artificial coloring. While other mothers lament their kids will only eat mac-n-cheese and chicken fingers, I would throw an elaborate party to celebrate this breakthrough and gladly serve it every night. And I wouldn't get all Jessica Seinfeld-y about it and sneak in pureed cauliflower and such.

So today Moxley nonchalantly looked at me while I attempted to gut a bagel, and says "Will you put jelly on top please?" My child, who won't eat foods "touching" other foods, requested a condiment, if in fact jelly is a condiment. No matter what food group, the kid asked for jelly! Thank you Caillou, the slightly slow and more-than-slightly annoying Canadian kid who loves jelly sandwiches! See the evidence of some nibbling:

Strangely, while they won't try delicious treats like hamburgers, bacon or chocolate, these kids love squash. Love it like I love Daniel Craig. Except they get to lick the object of their affection. Even grosser (them, not me), they like to eat the cubes I freeze. A SQUASH POPSICLE. I'll wait while you regurgitate. This is what a gnawed cube squash popsicle looks like. And yes, there sits a side dish of banana split lollipops. Oh, please, like you don't consider that a serving of fruit...

I'm already worried about packing their lunches for kindergarten in 2013. I don't think I can send squash popsicles.  Of course I can just send bags of Dum Dum lollipops and explain my theory that if the flavor has a fruit in the title (banana split, strawberry shortcake, coconut, tangerine...), it counts as a serving of fruit. Then see how many days it takes DCF to pay a visit.

PS -- Lest you be worried about my children's well-being, perhaps I should mention my kids also eat apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, green beans and McDonald's french fries, a grossly under-appreciated member of the vegetable community.


  1. See if you can't get a two-fer for that Sandals-like resort for the mentally ill. It might be nice to get away and have a bunch of sleep meds and down time.

  2. whoa whoa whoa... let me get this straight? You get to eat nothing but raisins, blueberries, chocolate chips and bagel skins? If you tell me they get you to lick the flavor off potato chips I'm officially moving south and becoming your in-house chef.

    I'll even wear a chef hat. Mostly because I like those hats.

  3. adorable picture. i like cake, too. and french fries. your girls know what's good. but squash popsicles? i think you should be writing a cookbook for picky eaters. my son only eats carrots. i'm going to try that veggie popsicle idea. if i coat the broccoli in sugar it just might work. take care.

  4. Work release is looking like a vacation for me these days. Free meals, clean cell, sleep with no interruptions...

  5. I won't judge. My son now refuses to eat Kraft Mac-n-chs because I tried Seinfeld's trick of putting shredded carrots in it. He's totally on to me. You're so lucky that your girls will ingest ANY veges. He only eats McD's French Fries (I swore I'd never be THAT mom. Ha on me.) Maybe I should try veggie popsickles, too.

    And for what it's worth, I spent the morning in the ER after a fall resulting in a concussion, and I actually enjoyed the rest.

  6. But if they were "normal" then, what would we post about.

    For years, and years: my kids wouldn't eat:

    1. foods that touched

    2. a plate with similar colored food

    3. food that was room temp. or hot. had to be warm

    4. juice in a half glass, not a full glass

    5. bread could be toasted, but then it had to be crustless

    see me in the corner? blibbering my lips like they do on the cartoons?

    Yeah. that's what my kids did to me.

    They're teens now...soon, oh soon, they'll take care of themselves.

  7. Hey, I'm impressed that they've moved beyond the one flavor of dum dums!

  8. Love this post! You are way more patient than I am. I would have made my kids pick out their own raisins (and blueberries, and chips).

  9. just stumbled on your blog from the babble blog. love it. am considering a move to chicaago in the future with my family (including a 16 month old). any other great chicago mom bloggers you like??

  10. Nima -- e-mail me at!