Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lost Item

People, I seem to have lost my sense of humor. Sort of like one might lose a wallet, it just suddenly disappeared, never to be heard from again. I wonder if someone is using it, like one would use the credit cards and money from the wallet. Maybe my sense of humor is on a hilarious spending spree of sorts. Laughing its way across the country, stopping at random comedy clubs, giddy to be rid of me. If you see it, tell it I said hello. And that I miss it.

So, anyway, it's park season here in Chicago as the weather has been unusually balmy (yay global warming!). This is both good (we get to go outside every day) and bad (other people also go outside every day.) And it reminds me that parents and their children didn't get less annoying over the winter, just older.

The girls are obsessed with their cars so I have to push them all over the greater Chicago area as they beep merrily away and yell at passerbys "Out of da way!" The other day we arrive at a school nearby where if we do public they will attend K through 8 and I park the vehicles in a hidden corner away from the playground so no kids will f@#$ with them. The girls do not like other kids f@#$ing with their cars.

On the way there, I let the girls suck on lollipops because they obliged me by sitting on the potty, unsuccessfully, but they sat nonetheless and wanted their reward. I told them they had to put the lolly away when we got to the park because it was dangerous to run around with it in their mouths. We decided to stick them in the car's cup holder and they could resume sucking on our journey home.

At one point I go to retrieve chalk from the little storage trunk in the cars. Standing there is a dad and his daughter and they are playing with the cars. No big deal, my kids did the same thing before they had the cars. But I decided to warn him about the lollipops that were out in plain site in the cup holder.

Him: Oh, are these yours?

Me: Yeah, but that's fine, she can play with them.

Him: Thanks.

Me: Oh, but just so you know there are lollipops in the cup holders in case she tries to grab them.

Him: Right, I tossed those out since she can't have lollipops.

Say what? I just stared at him blankly. He stared back at me blankly. He thew away OUR lollipops because his kid can't have them. Well they weren't hers to have! I was so stunned I walked away without another word.

Later I heard this thief telling his buddy he was going out to watch the basketball tournament. I decided I would follow him to his neighborhood sports bar and belly up next to him at the bar. When he went to the bathroom, I would take his beer and dump it out. Upon his return, I would announce: "I threw out your beer. My friend who is joining me isn't allowed to have beer and I didn't want her to drink it so I got rid of it." Then I would stare blankly at him and not apologize. Perhaps then he'd get the point?

Okay, I'm going on a thorough search to retrieve my sense of humor and plan to bring it back, perhaps kicking and screaming like a teenage runaway who left to marry her creepy 26-year-old boyfriend.

Oh, one more thing. Speaking of creepy. Is anyone watching Dancing With the Stars? Is what they are putting Buzz Aldrin through a form of elder abuse? Why is Pamela Anderson the color of clay? Is anyone else tempted to wear a full body condom during her routines just in case STDs can be transferred across television waves? Did Shannon Doherty look like her face had been cut in half and then glued back together a bit askew or is that just me? And what was wrong with her teeth? Does 90210 and Charmed not pay residuals so one might afford a dentist? Do you think Jon Gosselin is getting liquored up every Monday and Tuesday night with his 16-year-old girlfriends and laughing his fat ass off? Dear god, that show will keep me going until The Bachelorette kick off.


  1. i don't think you've lost your sense of humor, it's still hibernating. keep watching DWTS and it will come back. shannen has always had the crooked eyes, i noticed them on Little House. her teeth have been messy since then, too. in the old 90210 eps her teeth are messed up and they were fixed for Charmed, but not good enough. i haven't been watching DWTS cuz i can't stand Kate Gosselin. i'm over her and her reality show. i still feel sorry for her children, though.
    i can't believe that park dad tossed the girls' lollies. was the return trip home okay? how did you explain "no lollies" to the girls? take care.

  2. I think your sense of humor got stuck in the swirling spring pollen.

  3. I'm so glad that you are back! I love your blog! I see your sense of humor right here, but I get the whole not feeling/seeing the humor in everyday things. Maybe some more sunlight that is headed for the midwest will help out the cause.

    As for the whole lolly pop thing, that is OUTRAGEOUS!! What an idiot!! I would have been too stunned to say something either!!

  4. Thanks for making me laugh! Oh, yeah that guy sounds like a big jackass.

  5. You could be funny if you were dead. This was a great post and park dad was a great asshole.

  6. Dying to know what you told the girls about the missing lollipops. Or did you have more lollipops with you for just such an emergency?

  7. I can't believe that guy! I wish you had followed him to the bar and dumped out his beer. I'm sure that makes me about as mature as my 2-year-old, who would have simply bitten him and announced that he had to give her treat back now or else. But I don't care. I hope the girls took it better than I would have!

  8. So glad you are back! You should have gone all crazy on that park guy. That is too bizarre!!

  9. Are you kidding me, I can't believe dumb-ass-dad threw away your kids lollipops! WTF - seriously that is so, so wrong. My kid would have wolloped him and told him he hated him. My kid is a bit of a tyrant and he does like his candy.